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Solar Energy Professional Certificate.

Certificate overview:

This professional certificate is designed to provide you with technical know-how, as well as market insights, and hands-expertise that are necessary to excel in Solar Energy design and installation.

Who should attend?:

The program is ideal for university graduates and undergraduates, intending to get engage in solar energy industry, either as designers, sales, or starting-up own venture.

No previous experience in Renewable Energy, Energy or Electricity?; No worries, please attend the foundation course.

Program description and outcomes:

The solar Energy professional certificate consists of four modules that can also be attended as intensive courses, more than 90 contact hours, practical and theoretical, including the foundation course

- Module 1: PV Off-grid system design, PV On-Grid system design, and Grid Code
- Module 2: Photovoltaic pumping systems, design and engineering
- Module 3: Solar water heating, System sizing and Engineering
- Module 4: installation, commissioning, and startup of PV and thermal systems.


- Module1 (36 hours).

1.A Course: PV Off-grid system design, (18 hours):
- Loads & batteries, PV off-grid inverters & inverter-chargers.
- DESIGN Workshop (Determination of loads - System components sizing).
- Design Software: sizing & simulation techniques.
- PV off-grid systems installation and hands-on laboratory.
- Site analysis.
- Manual module measurement.
- Installation of PV panels.
- Exam.

1.B Course: PV On-Grid system design, and Grid Code (18 hours):
- Inverters in grid-connected PV systems.
- Further BOS components of grid-tied PV systems.
- Design Workshop (System components sizing).
- Design Software.
- Egyptian Grid Code.
- Grid-tied PV projects (development, management, economics and financing).
- Monitoring, operation and maintenance.
- Trouble-shooting grid-tied systems.
- Installation of Grid-tied systems, Exam.

- Module 2 (15 hours).

Photovoltaic pumping systems, design and engineering:
- Introduction to Solar Pumping, From Cell to System.
- Pumps and Pumping Concepts.
- Types of Solar Pumping Systems.
- Irrigation Systems.
- Design of PV Solar Water Pumping Systems.
- Design Workshop (calculating the amount of needed water, pump sizing, piping, sizing of storage,design using software).
- Exam.

- Module 3 (30 hours).

Solar Water Heating, System Sizing and Engineering:
- Introduction to Solar Thermal.
- Solar Thermal Market in Egypt.
- Solar Collectors (Flat plate, Evacuated tubes).
- System Components (Storage, Heat exchangers, Pumps, Armatures, Controller).
- System Configurations (Thermo-syphon systems, Forced circulation systems, Open/closed systems, Direct/indirect systems, Large scale systems).
- Practical Training (identifying components, Explanation of commissioning and system operation.
- Fault finding, Trouble shooting, Maintenance).
- System Design (Design parameters, Determination of demand, Components sizing).
- Site survey, Installation, Operation and maintenance, Commissioning rules.
- Exam.

- Module 4 (16 hours).

Installation, commissioning, and startup of PV and thermal systems:
- Site analysis, Manual module measurements, Voc, Isc.
- Parallel and series and IV curve measurement.
- Wiring, testing and commissioning of off-grid and grid-tied systems.
- Electrical safety, Safety equipment, Fire and lightning protection.
- Handling of components, Monitoring, Categories of malfunctions.
- Grid problems.
- Fault analysis and correction, Maintenance aspects.
- Installation connections, and commissioning of solar water heaters, safety issues, fault finding.

Certificate by:

Duration & Fees.


 96 Hours / 32 Lectures
 Three classes/week. 3 hr/class.

Fess & Payment:

EGP5000 as Down Payment.
EGP4000 as 1st installment.
EGP4000 as 2nd installment.
EGP3600 as 3rd installment


The certificate will be granted by:
Career Gates(as a professional Diploma)
Renac-Oasis Solar Academy – Egypt

Admission Requirements:

Applicants should pass the entry examination; alternatively they can attend the foundation course, 12 hours

Graduation Requirements:

A minimum attendance of 60%
pass the examinations of the modules.

Apply Now

Photo Gallery:

13 El Mesaha Street Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

333-67846 | 333-71227

Management Dep.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Days & Hours:
Saturdays through Thursdays
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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